COVID-19 vaccine was compared between Pfizer and Moderna after being tested in human phase 3.

Advances in vaccine production against COVID-19 The reality is closer to two producers, BioNTech, a German biotechnology company that joins his company, and US pharmaceutical company Pfizer. That came out to announce the success of the experiment At the same time as Moderna, an American pharmaceutical company Both of these vaccines were tested for phase III in humans, and their results were nearly 100 percent protective.

The BNT126b2 vaccine by Pfizer and Biontec was 95 percent effective from an analysis of 170 subjects.

Of all 43,000 participants in the trial, storage and transport will require a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius or if stored in a normal refrigerator for 5-15 days, and 50 million doses will be prepared this year. And prepare to produce 1,300 million doses in the next year The price is at a price of 19.5 US dollars or about 592 baht.

The mRNA-1273 vaccine by Moderna had a 94.5 percent result from a sample of 95 people.

Of the total 30,000 trial participants, it was kept at -20 ° C for 6 months or kept in the refrigerator for 30 days, with the goal of preparing to produce 20 million doses of the vaccine soon and next year to produce 1,000 vaccines. Million dosages, the price per dose is 32-37 US dollars or about 972 – 1124 baht.