What 6 types of “COVID-19” vaccines are there before getting injected in 2021?

COVID-19 vaccine Currently, about 60 vaccines have been studied in animal studies. The study of the COVID-19 vaccine was divided into three stages, and only three to four were confirmed and administered to humans. But did you know that the COVID-19 vaccine How are each brand different? Today, Thairath Online introduced the type of COVID-19 vaccine. To understand the basics

How many types of COVID-19 vaccine are there?

Around the world, there are six types of technology used to produce the COVID-19 vaccine:

Viral-Vector Vaccine is a vaccine that uses a weakened virus. Does not cause disease Cut into the genetic code To stimulate the body to build immunity, AstraZeneca’s Oxford ChAdOx1 stimulates more than 200 titers.

mRNA Vaccine is the use of some viral code to inject to stimulate the body to build immunity, including Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, can stimulate the immune system by more than 300 titers.

Protein-nanoparticle Vaccine is a vaccine that uses one part of the virus protein along with the other. Stimulant injections for the body to build immunity, including Novavax, stimulates more than 3,000 titers.

DNA Vaccine is a vaccine that designs DNA fragments by inserting antigen-producing genes. And using a muscle or skin injection method to express the desired protein antigen

Inactivated Vaccine is a vaccine that cannot cause disease by chemicals or UV light.

VLP (Virus Like Particle) is a virus-like particle vaccine.

Which type of “COVID-19” vaccine was most used?
Overall, the global selection of the COVID-19 vaccine was found that the mRNA vaccine was administered the most to the population, followed by Inactivated Vaccine, while the other types were still under development. And if effective immunization is achieved Has a chance to be used in the future

As of January 2021, around the world, 8.2 billion doses of vaccines have been reserved. Canada and the UK are three times the number of vaccine-booked countries in the country, and the United States has 1.7 times the bookings of the population.

View of the vaccine manufacturer from the Serum Institute in India. The world’s top 2 billion vaccine manufacturers estimate that the earliest time for the world to receive adequate COVID-19 vaccine will be 2024.

Considering the overview of the countries that have been vaccinated against COVID-19. To the total population of approximately 15 million people, the mRNA type of COVID-19 vaccine was injected, the most of about 8 million, and the number of confirmed vaccine intolerance is 8, which is 1 in a million and is safely treated.

In Thailand itself Aim to vaccinate more than half of Thais Representing 33 million people

A summary of the COVID-19 vaccines that have been booked or used are AstraZeneca, Novavax, Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech. I know that these vaccines What type of vaccine is it? Still can’t tell which one is the best for Thai people. However, the vaccines that are selected for the individual citizens of each country must be certified by the safety agency. Before injections to the public

Thailand has a team of researchers who develop the COVID-19 vaccine. With many technologies And if successfully passed the certification Can be produced and used by Thai people themselves It is an alternative in conjunction with overseas ordering channels.