What is the Covid Pfizer vaccine?

At the end of November 2020, we started seeing international news that the vaccination against COVID-19 started. To the people Giving more and more people hope to stop the epidemic.

One of the vaccines that have been approved is the Pfizer vaccine, which in this article will be introduced.

What is the Covid Pfizer vaccine?
Covid-Pfizer vaccine (Pfizer-covid vaccine), officially BNT162b2, is a vaccine against COVID-19. Invented by Pfizer in collaboration with the German company BioNTech.

A study of Pfizer vaccine with 43,000 volunteers found that Pfizer vaccine was 95% effective, 50% higher than what the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) set in emergency approval.

How is the Covid Pfizer vaccine injected?
Covid-Pfizer vaccine is injected in a total of 2 doses, with the second dose 21 days away from the first dose.

Who is the Covid Pfizer vaccine suitable for?
Pfizer and Biotech recommend it to those who have the following conditions. May be suitable for Pfizer vaccine

People aged 16 years and over
People over the age of 65, but studies have shown that the body produces very little immunity, however, according to the results of the studies, there is still a possibility that these people will benefit from this vaccine.
Pfizer currently has started trials of the vaccine in children aged 12 years and plans to study them in children under that age. Therefore have to wait for further information

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Who is the Covid Pfizer vaccine suitable for?
Although there is not much information on the COVID vaccine.

People with allergies Or severe or mild allergy to mRNA ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine. This vaccine should not be received.
People with allergies to polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polysorbate are substances used in some cosmetics and drugs.
Is the Covid Pfizer vaccine safe?
Although the covidpfizer vaccine has a shorter time to be produced than other vaccines, But Pfizer itself has not reported any serious concerns.

Because before Pfizer did that big test A small group of clinical testing was conducted in May to verify the safety of the vaccine.

However, both the US Food and Drug Administration. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to monitor for side effects of vaccines.

Side effects of the covidpfizer vaccine
It is common for many vaccines to have side effects. So does the Covid Pfizer vaccine:

Fever with chills
Muscle pain
Pain and swelling at the injection site
These side effects may begin 1-2 days after vaccination. In the experimental group, side effects occurred after the second dose and should disappear within a few days.

If you haven’t been vaccinated Still considered at risk of contracting COVID-19 Therefore, everyone must still wear face masks, wash their hands and avoid crowded communities.

Suspected of COVID-19 infection They may undergo an RT-PCR test or a nasal swab to collect samples for infection. You can see the coronavirus packages at The largest health, dental and beauty center in Thailand.